Due Zeta, selling amazing Murano glass table centerpieces.

Murano glass for us means household decorations, and our famous designer table centers are an unmissable part of our range.

Our glass centers are made by the finest master glassmakers for Due Zeta and created to enhance any occasion with their elegant lines and unmistakable Italian design.
Every decorative item we offer is elegant and original; each one has its own distinctive design in lively colors that animate the surface with unexpected glints; these pieces will adorn your table every day in a most unusual and original way, or make any occasion even more special.

At Due Zeta we have focused on our creative power to develop a distinctive style in a continually changing market with ever-increasing competition, creating objects unrivalled for their lightness and originality.

Elegant, sophisticated, yet affordable; our company responds to every need and even gives you the opportunity to personlise your own table centerpiece the way you want it, or indeed - as you dreamed it would be. You can also buy our glass objects online through our website; every item can be bought online with the advantage of having your precious item delivered quickly and easily to your home, or have it delivered as a personalized gift to a loved one.

You can also visit our shop in Marcon, Venice where you can feel out Murano glass art for yourself.

Due Zeta is a company that has been producing and decorating handcrafted objects in Venetian glass since 1993, in Marcon Venice.