Making and selling necklaces Murano necklaces, Made in Italy.

Due Zeta: a leading provider of typical Venetian Murano handcrafted jewelery - necklaces in particular, which come in every length (long, short or choker), color and design.

Whatever type of woman you are or aspire to be, the way you dress is what creates the first impression: the details you pride yourself on and the elegance of your jewelery.

Today's woman has a highly-developed sense of her own presence; she pleases herself and looks for pieces that distinguish her, and it is to these requirements that Due Zeta responds with our line of Murano glass necklaces; traditional but with a modern twist that makes them unique and original, as only authentic Murano glass can be. Venice is the birthplace of traditional glassmaking; our master craftsmen in Murano have always produced sculptures, fancy items and jewelery in blown glass, and it is these craftsmen with whom Due Zeta works.

All our items are unique, precious and unforgettable in the art of glassmaking, because Murano glass is known and it uniqueness recognized throughout the world.

Take a look at our online catalog; under the jewelery section you'll discover all the different colors and designs in our range of fabulous Murano glass necklaces, and if you find something you love, add it to your online shopping cart.

Due Zeta is a company that has been producing and decorating handcrafted objects in Venetian glass since 1993, in Marcon Venice.