Production and sale of gifts in Murano glass

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Enjoy outstanding quality in all our products

Production and sale of Murano glass objects

Once upon a time there was an idea, born from two cousins ​​in the early nineties, today it is called Due Zeta and is a laboratory and shop for the production of glass, which designs and manufactures particular objects and accessories for decoration and embellishment of the house, as well as for the person, creating high-level costume jewelery that present a modern reinterpretation of the Venetian style.
Our achievements include:

In recent years, Due Zeta has staked everything on its creative strength, inventing its own style in a constantly changing and increasingly competitive market, creating elegant, sophisticated and at the same time accessible objects; Our company is attentive to every need, and also gives you the possibility to customize by making ad hoc changes to each jewel to make it stylish and unique, perfectly in line with your taste and your person.

Due zeta is ready to grasp the innovations of the market and fashion trends, but always loyal to the tradition of Muranese art. Today, like yesterday, all our products are strictly Made in Italy.
Due Zeta also offers you the possibility to buy through our website allowing you to buy online in the special section dedicated to shopping, every accessory to embellish your home with elegance and style, or choose from our Murano glass bijoux, made for women who want to like themselves and who are looking for details that distinguish them.

Our company is located in Marcon in Via delle Industrie 106, but you can easily buy all our products through our website.