Due Zeta, making and selling Murano glasses.

Due Zeta, leaders in the glass industry, was created by the passion that two cousins ​​had for blown Murano glass. Due Zeta offers unique, refined pieces that reflect the craftesmanship of the master glassmakers who create them.

Due Zeta creations are not just glass, they're works of art created from simple natural elements like silica, quartz, sand and metal, and turned into designer pieces envied and admired the world over.
All our products are made by well-known master glassmakers, experts in the ancient, revered craft and dedicated to this fascinating and complex enterprise.

The items we offer are the result of a long and complicated process; you just have to touch them to appreciate the value, the refinement, the delicacy and the power they convey.
Due Zeta offers unique and exclusive items such as glasses, goblets, cake stands, vases, jewelery, and many others in blown glass; all our blown Murano glassware items are the ideal thing for a wonderful gift or an important annivesary celebration.

Come and see us in Marcon, Venice; come and feel our wonderful pieces for yourself or visit our website. Take a look at our online catalog where you'll discover all our designs and the range of colors that are available, and if you like them, purchase them through our online ordering system, quickly, easily and safely.

Due Zeta is a company that has been producing and decorating handcrafted objects in Venetian glass since 1993, in Marcon Venice.