Due Zeta: making and selling Murano goblets.

Here at Due Zeta we had a dream: to spread the Murano glass message far and wide in all its different facets, offering items of inestimable value and spectacular beauty; veritable works of art that have been the envy of the world for centuries.

Of all our household items you will find Murano goblets the most striking; extraordinary works of art, still closely linked with the history and culture of Murano, going back to early Christian times.
Goblets were first used to consecrate the wine during the Eucharist and the shape of the goblet was later reduced to the three basic elements: bowl, stem and base.

Goblets today are of a simpler design; several different materials were originally used in their manufacture, specifically clay, gold and silver; glass came to be used primarily in Roman times and since then they have become increasingly refined.

At Due Zeta you'll also find wine glasses and flutes, liqueur glasses and many others, all in colorful, fun designs that reflect original Venetian designs from Murano.
The glass we use retains all these valued characteristics and is characterized by its extreme clarity and absolute transparency, comparable to crystal.

Due Zeta is available to respond to any request for details about your purchases. Contact us or come and see us in Marcon, Venice.

Due Zeta is a company that has been producing and decorating handcrafted objects in Venetian glass since 1993, in Marcon Venice.