Realization and sale of elegant and refined Murano glass costume jewelry.

Murano glass is a special glassmaking process used on the island of Murano.
Murano is one of the islands in the Venice Lagoon, situated about 1.5 km from the city. Murano itself is composed of seven smaller islands with a population of about 4,500. The island is famous worldwide for its local glassmaking craft.

The glass production process goes back to the eighth century, handed down by master glassmakers; an extremely complex process.
Glass is still made today using the same lampworking technique. Quite simply, glass consists of a compound, silicon, that becomes liquid at high temperatures; well before the glass turns from liquid into solid it goes through a soft, malleable stage that allows the craftsman to work and shape it into accessories, glasses, stemware, table centerpieces and many other works of art.

Some of the essential tools used by glassmakers to work the glass are: tongs or pliers called "borselle" used to shape the hot glass, an iron tube called a "canna da soffio" for blowing the glass, an iron bar called a "pontello "from which the object is hung after it has been blown, the inevitable workbench or" scagno "and the large cutting tools called" tagianti "in glassmaking jargon.
Although modernization has brought in great changes, the tools of the glassmaker have always remained the same, because the processing of Murano glass has no need of "industrialisation", just expert hands and craftsmanship.

Due Zeta is a company that has been producing and decorating handcrafted objects in Venetian glass since 1993, in Marcon Venice.